Solution provider in currency risk.

Founded and based in Singapore.

Developing currency risk management systems for regulated financial institutions and exchanges.

Meaning of Moneda

"Moneda" is a Spanish word that translates to "coin" or "currency" in English. It refers to a small, flat, and usually round piece of metal or paper that is used as a medium of exchange for goods and services. In some contexts, "moneda" can also refer to the concept of money in general or the monetary system of a particular country or region.


Moneda provides systematic trading technology which enhances return and reduces risk within investment portfolios.

  • As the era of low interest rates and stable FX rates ends then risk management becomes a key element of optimizing portfolio performance.

  • No longer can international investors just focus on the performance of the underlying asset but must adopt a proactive approach towards risk – the days or relying upon mean reversion are over.

  • Inflation has returned with a vengeance and is being met head-on by Central Bankers who appear determined to quell the markets perception that this is a short term phenomenon.

  • Recent events in the banking sector illustrate the febrile nature of certain parts of the system.

Moneda, provides the following services:


Financial Engineering

We develop software solutions and provide financial engineering services across multiple products to regulated entities whilst maintaining a heightened focus on risk management.


Currency Risk Management

Assets managers, family offices and regulated financial institutions have their own reasons to select the investment universe, we specialize on the risk management.


Trading as a Service.

We optimize exposure to the underlying by rebalancing and applying entry and exit levels engineered to achieve maximum returns with lower volatility.


Other Services Provided.

Moneda listens to each client’s need and propose structured solutions tailored to the objective.


About moneda

Founded in 2018

Moneda Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in 2018 by Financial Market professionals and computer scientists and focusses on systematic risk management across multiple investment universes.

Largest shareholder of Azzilon Canada

We are the largest single shareholder of Azzilon Canada, a systematic investment risk manager specialized in equities indices and crypto currencies. Moneda benefits of Azzilon’s global ecosystem.

Systematic Trading Technology

Moneda provides its clients and Azzilon with systematic trading technology enhancing returns of currencies and precious metals exposure, Trading as a Service, and financial engineering services.

Clients and partners

Clients and partners range from index providers such as Solactive, SGX iEdge and the Singapore Exchange (SGX), to Asset Managers, Investment Banks and other regulated institutions.

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